Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Fitness has many forms and it means different things to different people. Being active and feeling good is what fitness means to me. Pregnancy is a special and sometimes difficult time in a woman’s life, and there are so many different things going on with the structural and hormonal changes it brings. We need to be aware of how to help moms safely prepare for birth and postpartum. Let’s help prepare our core and pelvic floor for what’s to come.

After baby, we need to take care of mom. It can be so overwhelming. Babies are beautiful and amazing and exhausting.  Rest, nutrition, and healthy movement are necessary, not just for our physical well being but for our emotional health. Learning how to properly engage our core can be life changing, for many of us it will be doing it correctly for the first time in our lives.

Let’s do this! Life is too short to live with symptoms that are preventing you from living a fuller life. I believe I can help you to feel strong and amazing in your body, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

JMK Fitness Six Week Postnatal Fitness Series

Six Week Postnatal Fitness Series

This can change your life! Learning how to deal with all the challenges that having a baby can bring. Sometimes it can feel seem like we will never feel “normal” again and yes, our bodies will forever be changed. But we can be strong and feel good in our skin again.

There are strategies that we can learn to prevent or manage symptoms like incontinence, low back pain, prolapse, diastasic recti. Or maybe you don’t have any symptoms. Awesome! Lets keep it that way.

This series is intended to take you back to the activity of your choice, whether its hitting the gym, chasing toddlers or heading out for a jog.

JMK Fitness One on One Training

One on One Personal Training

With all the contradicting information on the internet and social media, it can be difficult to navigate and know what is effective and safe and what isn’t. Add in pregnancy and postpartum and the stakes go up.

I will customize a program that is unique to you and your goals, starting with a consultation and assessment.

I will give you the tools to workout safe and effectively.

Remote Coaching Jaime Kemp Personalized Fitness

Remote Coaching & Consultation

If you need some help and guidance through your postpartum journey but you do not live in the Petoskey area, remote coaching may be just the thing.

For some busy moms, it’s just too tough to try and fit in classes and training sessions. Quite often, busy moms have to work in our self-care around our children.

With my remote coaching, we start with a consultation and come up with a plan that will accomplish your goals and fit your life.

Postural Restoration Institute Certified

Jaime Kemp is the only fitness trainer in Northern Michigan that specializes in the pregnancy and postpartum world, especially those that are symptomatic. Jaime is also certified in Postural Respiration with the Postural Restoration Institute.

Jaime is able to provide assessment and intervention strategies when treating diagnoses that are related to undesirable airflow patterns, such as shortness of breath, thoracic outlet syndrome, and shoulder dysfunction.

An assessment helps Jaime determine what breathwork and exercise selections will help with breathing better and giving better mobility by allowing the scapular to move on the ribcage. This allows for better shoulder mobility etc.