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Fitness Training

Jaime Kemp will customize training based on an assessment regarding posture and proper breath mechanics. Whether you are new to fitness, healing after a baby, or have a training goal, Jaime will develop a smart program to help you accomplish your goal.

Train with Me

A complete postural and movement assessment. The purpose is to provide me with a better understanding of your body so that we can form a plan that addresses any potential imbalances.

Using a well rounded training strategy that incorporates our postural assessment as well as cutting edge information in the fields of sport training and movement, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your long term goals. This customized training plan will progress and adapt as needed.

What to Expect

  • Review of any medical conditions/injuries.
  • Discussion of goals and expectations.
  • Thorough assessment of movement and YOUR starting point.
  • Addressing posture and breathing mechanics.
  • A comprehensive progressive program based on your goals AND your likes and dislikes.
  • Ending with a recovery that leaves you feeling awesome and connected.

“Jaime is the only trainer that specializes in working with pregnant and postnatal populations. The importance of making modifications during pregnancy and rehabbing after cannot be overstated. Learning how to manage pressure and retrain our core to work together with a balanced strength program can help with common postpartum symptoms such as low back pain, diastasis recti, incontinence, prolapse, and more.”

Certified Personal Trainer

Jaime has done multiple certifications to provide the best to her clients. Taking the Functional Range Conditioning certification was an added benefit, this believes putting your joint through it’s full range of motion allows you to maintain the health of that joint. She also certified in Postural Respiration with the Postural Restoration Institute. Jaime is able to provide assessment and intervention strategies when treating diagnoses that are related to undesirable airflow patterns, such as shortness of breath, thoracic outlet syndrome, and shoulder dysfunction. An assessment helps Jaime determine what breathwork and exercise selections will help with breathing better and giving better mobility by allowing the scapular to move on the ribcage. This allows for better shoulder mobility etc.

This is just a couple of the services that Jaime offers in addition to using other modalities to offer an overall comprehensive program.

Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Jaime Kemp is the only fitness trainer in Northern Michigan that specializes in the pregnancy and postpartum world.
Pregnancy is a special and sometimes difficult time in a woman’s life, and there are so many different things going on with the structural and hormonal changes it brings. We need to be aware of how to help moms safely prepare for birth and postpartum. Let’s help prepare our core and pelvic floor for what’s to come.

After the baby, we need to take care of mom. It can be so overwhelming. Babies are beautiful and amazing and exhausting. Rest, nutrition, and healthy movement are necessary, not just for our physical well being but for our emotional health. There are so many common symptoms that we have normalized and live with like incontinence, back pain, neck pain, diastatsis recti, pelvic organ prolapse and more. Learning how to properly engage our core and manage pressure can be life changing, for many of us it will be doing it correctly for the first time in our lives.

Let’s do this! Life is too short to live with symptoms that are preventing you from living a fuller life. I believe we can be stronger after we have a baby than we were before.



Single private session  $90

1x/week  $85 per session

2x/week or more $80 per session

Mobile personal training  $130 dependent on distance travelled

Duet $130

Semiprivate or small group dependent on number of people

Hybrid combination of remote and in person  $180 plus number of in person sessions

Remote coaching  $180 per month

What Clients Say

Jaime is passionate about helping people feel strong and confident. Read what her training clients have to say.