Fitness Training

Jaime Kemp will customize training based on an assessment regarding posture and proper breath mechanics. Whether you are new to fitness, healing after a baby, or have a training goal, Jaime will develop a smart program to help you accomplish your goal.

Strength Classes

An overall strength building program is something we should all do to maintain muscle mass, joint health, mood, bone density, and more. This 60 minute class will do just that. We start with breath and posture to connect to the core and then use different modalities to get an overall strength training workout. Added conditioning is available if you like. This is not a HIIT class, with high volume and high intensity.

If you’d like to give a try, call (231) 881-1481 or Email Jaime

What to Expect

  • Review of any medical conditions/injuries.
  • Discussion of goals and expectations.
  • Thorough assessment of movement and YOUR starting point.
  • Addressing posture and breathing mechanics.
  • A comprehensive progressive program based on your goals AND your likes and dislikes.
  • Ending with a recovery that leaves you feeling awesome and connected.
JMK Fitness Six Week Postnatal Fitness Series

One-on-One Private Sessions

Private instruction is a great way to customize your training needs! Jaime Kemp will provide one on one training for those that need or like a more tailored session, have specific goals, are dealing with an injury, or healing after birth.

Jaime will customize a program that is unique to you and your goals, starting with a consultation and assessment. Jaime will give you the tools to workout safe and effectively.

Please call (231) 881-1481 or Email Jaime for availability and pricing.

JMK Fitness One on One Training

Semi-Private Instruction (more than 1 person)

Semi-Private Instruction (more than one person) is available if interested.

Please call (231) 881-1481 or Email Jaime for availability and pricing.

Remote Coaching Jaime Kemp Personalized Fitness

Remote Coaching & Consultation

If you need fitness training, but you do not live in the Petoskey area, remote coaching may be just the thing.

For busy people, it’s can be hard to fit in classes and training sessions. And if you’re a busy mom, finding time to work in our self-care around children can be a challenge.

With Jaime’s remote coaching, you will start with a consultation to create a plan that will accomplish your goals and fit your life.

Please call (231) 881-1481 or Email Jaime for availability and pricing.