Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Jaime Kemp, CPT

I am a wife, mom to two young children, personal trainer and lover of all things movement. I have a passion for helping people to feel strong and confident in their bodies in all stages of life.

I have spent years learning as much as I could on how to best serve my clients and help them to accomplish their goals. Exercise and strength training is accessible to everyone, no matter your starting point. It’s important to meet you where you are, make modifications as needed, whether you are pregnant, have a young one, or are years beyond.

I am a certified personal trainer specializing in postnatal fitness and excited to begin this work with you.

My Journey to Fitness

I have had a love of exercise and sports since I was a kid and I played sports in high school. After college, I started working with a trainer and that’s when I really got serious about things!

I entered a figure competition and ended up competing twice. Then I decided to become a personal trainer myself and learning to train in a healthier way with weights and the type of cardio I love, especially biking – road, mountain, snow – I love it all.

Then a big life change. Pregnancy!

Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Since I had no clue how to properly exercise in a way that would be safe, I found a professional kinesiologist specializing in pre and postnatal training. I learned what to do during pregnancy but what about postpartum? I needed to stay healthy for this little human that depended me for everything – how do I make time for exercise?

As I continued to work with my trainer, I discovered my own passion. This is what I want to do! I recertified my personal training and went on to take two more certifications specializing in training women postpartum. I love helping moms deal with all the changes that having a baby can bring.

Helping Moms Thrive!

Everyone’s story and normal is different and to allow ourselves to be comfortable in our ever-changing bodies and to appreciate not only what our bodies did by creating this amazing tiny human, but what they do for us daily. Movement is a way to honor that.

Having children is exhilarating and exhausting, the highest of highs and lowest of lows. To be able to work with moms to not just survive this time but thrive is my greatest joy.