Meet Jaime Kemp Fitness Trainer Michigan
Meet Jaime Kemp JMK Fitness Training

Jaime Kemp, CPT

I am a wife, mom to two young children, personal trainer, and a lover of all things movement. I have a passion for helping people to feel stronger and more confident in their bodies in all stages of life.

I have spent years learning as much as I can on how to best serve my clients and help them accomplish their goals. Exercise and strength training is accessible to everyone, no matter your starting point. It’s important to meet you where you are and make modifications as needed, whether you are pregnant, have a young one, or are years beyond.

I am a certified personal trainer that specializes in women’s health.

Jaime’s Certifications

  • CPT through the American Council of Exercise
  • Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism
  • Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner – Level 2
  • Postural Restoration Institute – Postural Respiration Certified
  • Functional Range Conditioning – Certified FRC Mobility Specialist
Meet Jaime Kemp JMK Fitness Trainer

My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey started years ago while playing sports in high school and training in a gym through college. This is where my love of exercise began and since I’ve competed in figure competitions and endurance biking events, but it wasn’t until the pregnancy of my first baby that I realized how little women specific information there was out there.

This was when I realized what my passion is and what I wanted to do. I proceeded to renew my certification through the American Council of Exercise and began to dial in my niche by completing multiple secondary certifications to become a pregnancy and postpartum practitioner. As I delved deeper into women’s specific training I realized how important this information was for all populations. Posture, pelvic floor health and pressure management, and their connection to back pain, hernias, incontinence, etc. This spurred me to continue my studies with the Postural Restoration Institute and more.

I have boiled a lot of this information down to a few key principles:

  • Posture matters
  • Strength fixes most things
  • Consistency is key

I work with clients in all stages of life and the importance of having the strength to perform activities of daily living cannot be stressed enough. This is for my mommas that are trying to stay strong through pregnancies, need help with postpartum care, or grandparents that want to be able to play with their grandkids.

I believe that using a combination of modalities is key. The importance of listening to my clients and working together enables us to accomplish whatever the goal may be!

What Clients Say

Jaime is passionate about helping people feel strong and confident. Read what her training clients have to say.