A Day In The Life.

Holy man, I was rushing around this morning trying to get some work done, kitchen tidied, toys picked up, feed myself anddddd have a cup of coffee before chaos gets up. Then the girls are up and its nappies, dressed, breakfast and hopefully get them ready to head out without Byron pulling some wrestling moves and screaming as I try to get her shoes on. Then we have B running away from me as I try to pull her hair up… literally I have a hold of her hair as she is running. So what do I do? I try to get a hair tie in while in motion. Isla is content to sit and watch.

Isla and Byron wrestling on the floor
Isla trying to give a little back to B. Note the disaster area around them.

Ok, now we are in the car. Pick up groceries, check. Activity of choice, check. Oh shit, it’s time for lunch. Drive home, B complaining she doesn’t feel good. Get the girls inside. Pick B up to get her hands washed for lunch aaannnddd projectile vomit all down the side of me, dishwasher, floor, etc. Awesome. Isla waits patiently.

Now Byron complains of being hungry. Really, lol. I don’t think I will ever be hungry again. Ok, change B and strip out of my own pukey clothes, throw a towel down on the rest. It will just have to wait. Now feed the girls, get ready for a nap. Please sleep for three hours today? Ha. Nappies changes, teeth brushed, and they watch a show as I mop vomit off the floor. Stories and bed, this is when Isla decides it is time to scream and do laps in her crib but she eventually falls asleep.

Me holding a kettlebell
Working out whenever and wherever I can.

Workout for momma-hopefully today is not the day for Isla to do only a thirty minute nap. Start dinner, do dishes… shit they are up already?

Dylan calls, he is going to be late. Sigh. Nappies changed and snacks given. Dylan finally gets home to wrangle the girls so I can finish dinner. We sit to and I bribe and plead with my 3 yr old to eat. WTF. If it doesn’t take over an hour for dinner then it’s bath time. Nappie change, jammies, teeth, stories and bed. I look at the time… it’s almost 8:30 pm and I am wrecked. Gah, I remember when I didn’t have kids and complaining I didn’t have any time. HA!!!

a bottle of wine and a filled glass

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