I Can’t Go Commando Anymore.

Training. I remember a time when I actually had to change my clothes to work out. You know, NOT wear my pajamas?! HA!

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t put a lot of effort into it. I’ve never been into trying to squeeze into a teeny tiny square of clothing to go to the gym. It’s always been sweats, a tee and a hoodie. Not a ton of effort, but some.

ME. Trying to workout with kiddos awake. You just missed Isla sitting on my head.
ME. Trying to workout with kiddos awake. You just missed Isla sitting on my head.

Ahhh how things have changed. With having babies and my schedule revolving around them, it’s all about efficiency and squeezing a workout in when I can. I have found most of the time it is early. Naps I can’t count on and I definitely can’t swing a kettlebell while they are awake. Ooooooo, maybe I could use them like a kettlebell. JK!

sports bra
My one workout necessity.

Anyway, since my workouts are now mostly in the a.m. I am working out in jammies. Fleece bottoms, tee shirt, no socks etc. I have discovered, however, the one piece of clothing I cannot do without. The bra/sports bra.

These post breastfeeding girls really need some help. I miss my perky Bs that didn’t need the support….those days are long gone. Without the bra these girls have the same trajectory as my kettlebell swing.

I didn’t love the gigantic melons of breastfeeding either. Accidentally bumping into something, which was hard to avoid with the size of my girls, YIKES! Talk about sensitive or painful.

All in all, small potatoes in the grand scheme of things to mourn… HA! Yes, I shall mourn my ability to go without a bra… those days are long gone.

But look at what I have to show for it.

Byron is laying on mom giving her a kiss while Isla smiles in the background.
Me and my sweethearts
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