Kickass and thankful!!

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about this week. I thought about nutrition, some cool new workout moves I learned, but then my thoughts strayed to my past week and weekend. I had the opportunity to start working with a new mom, I subbed at my old workplace with some of my favorite people (I have been a hygienist, aka toothpicker, for over 20 years), and then was invited over to one of my client’s homes for a barbecue.

Mom and her baby stretching on a mat.  Another mom in the background also stretching.
Stephanie and her little one Fin in class. “Hi Katie!” she’s stretching in the background.

Thinking of these things, the word gratitude popped into my head. I am so thankful to be doing something I love. The moms I have had the opportunity to work with are amazing. They are all so different, yet we have this crazy and scary and thrilling journey in common. I am so thankful to have had each and every one of these awesome women come into my life. I learn from them, they help to make me a better person and trainer as well.

Two of the moms learning to squat properly
Some of my kickass mommas!

A couple of weeks ago, one these mommas broke down at the end of class. She said, ” I need to tell you a story.” We will just call her J for privacy sake. J started to explain how she and her older daughter were outside and she was baby wearing her youngest. Her older daughter wanted to go down this extremely steep hill. Now prior to our classes, J would have tried to find a way around that wasn’t so challenging. She thought to herself, no I CAN do this! So she did, side stepping, slipping occasionally but catching herself and did this all while wearing her baby. This was HUGE!! J has been dealing with a common postpartum diagnosis, a significant diastasis recti. These kinds of diagnosis, depending on the medical provider and team, can cripple you with fear. It can make you afraid of movement and really fully living your life, that you might “break” your body even more.

J tearfully thanked me and told me that I had given her the confidence and empowerment to try. This humbled me and gave ME the confidence to know that I am doing what I should be doing. Starting your own business is hard. When things are going well you are on a cloud of excitement. Then the moments of self doubt hit.

Me and my baby Isla right after she was born.
Right after Isla was born. My girls are also a part of my why and I am so very thankful for them

You have to have your WHY to stick to it when things are hard. J is part of my why. The gratitude of loving what you do and being able to do it is huge. A bonus, these moms have had the opportunity to meet other KICKASS moms who maybe are in the thick of it or maybe beyond ( to give up hope ha!). The fitness classes have allowed us to not only get our fit on, but to make friends. The barbecue gave us the opportunity to have our families and kiddos meet. What an awesome thing!!

Start your day with gratitude friends. When things are hard, think of something good. It helps to lighten the load a little.

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