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Hi there! My name is Jaime Kemp, married with two girls, ages 2.5 and 8 months, so life sure is busy. I am a certified personal trainer specializing in postnatal fitness and excited to begin this work with you.

I have had a love of exercise and sports since I was a kid, I played sports in high school but it wasn’t until college that I started strength training (though I really didn’t know what I was doing, how to use dumbbells much less a squat rack). It wasn’t until after college that I started working with a trainer and really got serious about things. I would see the girls training for competition and I thought how awesome it was to see girls lifting weights. I also wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone and do something new and scary so I decided to enter my first figure competition.

I ended up competing twice, the training I loved but the diet I did not. Figure competing can be a selfish sport, the diet and training have to come first to be successful. Needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of balance in my life with sports or food. Education is key, so I became a personal trainer myself.

I decided to train in a healthier way with weights and to do the type of “cardio” I loved. Biking – road, mountain and snow, I love it all. I finally found that balance I craved with my workouts and with food. Food is fuel to allow me to do what I loved after all!

Then a big life change, pregnancy.

I had no clue how to properly exercise in a way that would be safe.

The internet is full of contradictions. Do this… no, don’t do this. The personal training I did when I was younger did nothing to prepare me for all of the changes my body was going through. Nausea, exhaustion, aches, and pains. So I decided to find someone who knew more than I, a professional kinesiologist specializing in pre and postnatal training.

Yay! Now I know what to do during pregnancy but what about postpartum? Dealing with birth and recovery and this little human that depended on me for everything. How can I keep myself healthy for her and my whole family? How do I make time for exercise which is so key in dealing with stress?

My calling is to help moms!

I continued to work with my trainer and discovered my own passion. This is what I want to do. Help moms deal with all the changes that having a baby can bring. So I recertified my personal training and went on to take two more certifications specializing in training women postpartum. It opened my eyes to things that we as moms sometimes have to deal with, and are often told by some health care providers that this is common and just the way it is. Things like incontinence, diastasis recti (mummy tummy), pelvic organ prolapse and low back pain to name a few. There are ways to help heal or manage these conditions. To take a little time for ourselves, not just for our physical wellbeing but also our mental wellbeing. We need to keep ourselves strong and healthy to keep up with the kiddos.

I wish I knew when I was training women years ago what I know now. Once postpartum always postpartum. Taking time after baby to focus on the now, our bodies change and that we now have a new normal. Everyone’s story and normal is different and to allow ourselves to be comfortable in our ever-changing bodies and to appreciate not only what our bodies did by creating this amazing tiny human, but what they do for us daily. Movement is a way to honor that.

Having children is exhilarating and exhausting, the highest of highs and lowest of lows. To be able to work with moms to not just survive this time but thrive would be my greatest joy.

Jaimie M. Kemp, CPT
Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist

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